August 19, 2019

A View from the Principal's Office

July 19, 2019


Hartford High School finds itself in a changing educational landscape.  We are pleased that our school is positioned to support student learning through a number of interesting, exciting, and unique ways.  While Hartford students will always be provided an opportunity to engage in rigorous and relevant learning through traditional classes, we are also providing opportunities for students to find meaningful and significant learning outside the customary classroom experiences.  As education becomes personalized, Hartford is partnering with students and their families to ensure that a Hartford education prepares all students for their futures.  Our challenge in this partnership is to support students throughout their high school experience as their interests and abilities change with their maturation.  It is a rare student who graduates with the same plan that they entered.  This flexibility of planning requires our school to consider all an individual student can be, or might want to be, in preparation for the day they graduate.  This approach to learning differs greatly from the way most of us were educated.  Simply stated, we must be prepared to partner with our students to support their personalized education.

The 2018-2019 school year found a number of significant changes to the types of opportunities available for our students.  These included more students in dual-enrollment courses at local colleges than at any previous year.  Students also pursued their interests and passions through our Eye program.  One of the Eye projects resulted in the creation of a Digital Media Lab in which students can create videotaped news reports and learn through our Virtual Reality Lab. In general, Hartford High School’s commitment to serve all students requires that we continue to consider alternative pathways to graduation that include excellence in our traditional programming.  It is our goal to make “Yes” our default answer when a student approaches us regarding their educational goals.  As a larger percentage of our students identify their learning goals through their Personalized Learning Plans (PLP) we will continue to rise to the challenge inherent in supporting each and every student’s unique education plan.

During the past two years, a committee of staff have investigated potential changes to our master schedule in an effort to take into account what we know about teenage sleep patterns (circadian rhythms).  The resulting schedule is another attempt on our part to consider the needs of all students. 

We are excited to partner with you and your student and look forward to the coming year.


Nelson Fogg


The Principal

Nelson Fogg
Principal Hartford High School
(802) 295-8610 x *2190

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