September 30, 2020

A View from the Principal's Office

September 25, 2020

Good afternoon,

I hope that this message finds you well.  I want to take a few minutes to provide some updates as we finish our third week of school.

This week three tents were put up on our campus.  These tents will support our learning in the coming weeks, providing outdoor options during inclement weather.

  • Our teachers and students continue to go outside regularly for “mask breaks.”  We purchased chairs that have been well used.
  • In the very near future, our outdoor internet connection and access will be significantly enhanced.
  • Many of our seniors sat for the in-school SAT on Wednesday.  This is a test we offer at no charge to the student and replaced the test date our students lost last spring.
  • The State of Vermont has moved all schools to level three; among other things, this means that our athletic teams can open game play next week.


I want to clarify some lingering questions about remote learners and remote learning.  As you know, all of our students are remote some days.  This system has allowed our students access to their classes and teachers and ensured that our rooms are safe and can support physical distancing.  As the year has progressed, we have tried to support our community’s understanding of this schedule and system.  Recently, I have heard that a few students have communicated to their teacher(s) that they are choosing to be remote on a random day.  As we always do, we need to partner with parents when this decision is made.  Parents must communicate to the school whenever a student who is not on our list of 100% remote learners is planning to stay home.  We feel fortunate that our system allows students to continue to access their classes from home if they are not feeling well enough to be here but they are well enough to log into class.  Our expectation is that all students who are scheduled to be here in-person will be physically present; if this is not the case then a parent must contact the school and let us know.  We do have some students who chose 100% remote and they will continue to be expected to go to their classes from their remote sites. 


I will continue to periodically reach out and provide updates as we all get used to the school year.  It has been wonderful to watch our students as they have settled into a routine in their learning.  I am confident that we will continue to grow in our ability to partner with all learners during this unique time. 

I hope that you stay well, thanks for reading.

Nelson Fogg, Principal 
Hartford High School
(802) 295-8610 x *2190