June 23, 2024

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Independent Learning Center


Student Created Independent Projects - This course embraces student-driven opportunities to expand learning experiences geared towards personal interests and goals. Students are encouraged to identify their passions and create their own authentic learning opportunities. Students will guide their own learning through connecting to and accessing resources to aid their endeavors. Teachers in this program serve as guides and resources for students to access experts in the community as much as possible; therefore, the experiences available are not limited to the walls or traditional schedule of Hartford High School. Students wishing to pursue this type of education must be able to work independently, collaborate with others and be willing to document and demonstrate their learning in several different forms, including but not limited to: daily reflections and presentation. These students will be required to present their learning during the semi-annual Hartford Exhibition Night(s). Students enrolled in this course will receive an elective credit. This course may be repeated for multiple elective credits with the prerequisite of the instructor's permission   

Work-Based Learning - students may choose to participate in work-based Learning. These learning opportunities may include: Internships, Job Shadows, or Work Experience. Students engaged in Student Created Independent Projects with a focus on work-based Learning will be required to reflect on their learning through the Transferable Skills Standards in an individual portfolio and present at the semi-annual Hartford Exhibition Night(s). These students will receive an elective credit. 
Online Learning - PLATO is an online learning platform that provides opportunity for students to learn anywhere they have access to wifi and a computer. Students can enroll in PLATO-based online courses (formerly referred to as Quest classes) if (1) the course does not exist in name or content in the Hartford High School Program of Studies or (2) the student has failed the equivalent course and in doing so exhausted teachers who teach the course or (3) the student is unable to schedule a course that exists as a link in a sequence of courses that will prohibit the student from attaining the highest level possible in the sequence or (4) the student's counselor and/or case manager identifies that the online version of the course better serves the student's individual learning needs