June 27, 2022
Allis-Paredes, Katy
Teacher, World Languages

802-295-8610 x2128

My name is Mrs. Allis-Paredes, a.k.a. Señora or Coach A-P. I am originally from New England and have lived in many places throughout the eastern U.S. I enjoy outdoor activities and spending time with my family. I have been teaching at Hartford High school for several years now. Before that, I taught High School Spanish and worked in an elementary school with English language learners in Northern Vermont. I also worked in the Migrant Education program in Tennessee. Towards the end of the last school year, I was offered the opportunity to pilot a Spanish Language program at Dothan Brook Elementary School.

At home, I speak primarily Spanish with my husband, who is a native speaker. Our family conversations are generally in Spanish, but individual interactions with my children tend to be in English. One of the best ways to raise bilingual children is to have the native speaker of each language be like a “point person” for the kids. This seems to work well for us as all three of our children are fluent in both languages and tend to move seemingly effortlessly between them.