May 15, 2021

Hartford High School's Plan for Reopening

Good afternoon,

I hope that all of you are well.  I am sharing Hartford High School's plan for school reopening.  While the embedded letter is quite lengthy, it is my hope that you will read it thoroughly.  I am also asking each of you to complete the survey below.  This information will help us as we get deeper into our planning.  

Please read the letter prior to completing the survey. The information in the letter will inform your decisions regarding the survey.

Hartford High School Return to School Letter for Students and Parents: document/d/ 1GZQoVbPdNwbaJeMKi6y- 0WcdZU2BxGg4RV7W27e1_uI/edit

Hartford High School Return to School Survey: d/ 1HVfUGJn0DcTLSFfqT5ZMlIgvHuWaC -RadN4zvIySd6M/edit


Take care,
Nelson Fogg, Principal 
Hartford High School
(802) 295-8610 x *2190