May 15, 2021

Mask guidance from the nurse

Hello Hartford High School Parents and Guardians,

As you have read in Mr. Fogg's email message last week, based on current guidance it will be an expectation that students will need to wear cloth face coverings while in school next year.  I am writing to encourage you to have your student start practicing/building stamina wearing the "masks" if they have not already been doing so.  Below I have included links to an informational video, the CDC webpage that has information on making masks as well as a tips and tricks video on getting the best fit.  If you are in need of cloth face coverings, the Rotary Club has been making and donating these and they have been available at the back entrance of the Municipal Building as well as the public libraries.  If you are talented enough to sew masks and have any interest in making a stockpile for the school, please reach out to me (I would be more than willing to donate materials to this cause!).  


Thank you!

Felicia Hayes, MSN, RN

School Nurse
Hartford High School
(802) 359-4623