February 1, 2023

A View from the Principal's Office

I am always reminded of the importance of community at this time of the year.  The past couple of weeks have reinforced our important place in our community.  We were honored to host Sgt. Wesley Black's service on our campus on Sunday, Nov. 14.  We also saw our community come together over three days to celebrate our students through our theatrical performance of Cinderella.  Saturday we are pleased to partner with The Upper Valley Haven to provide a location to facilitate their annual Thanksgiving day meal donations and we are hosting a state Debate tournament.  During this pandemic, we continue to be a central location for booster vaccinations. Our school is at the center of our community and we are happy to be there.  Communities are strongest when they come together and we need each other now more than we have in a long time.  

Our school reaches out to families who find themselves in need throughout the year with an  understanding that all of us have needs at times - we can only hope that when it is our time to accept support we will do so with grace and dignity. I used to share with my students that there is a fundamental paradox around serving.  Most of us are willing service-providers, far fewer of us are willing to ask for or accept a helping hand from another.  We serve because something inside inspires us to do so, yet many of us are unwilling to provide that same feeling for others.  I hope during this Thanksgiving holiday break we both give and receive service and support from others.  

During the past two years it has been more difficult than normal to be part of a greater community.  To be safe, we have been discouraged from gathering together and the wearing of a facial covering makes it harder to appear to be fully present with those around us.  It is apparent that we need to continue to be safe to ensure that we are caring for ourselves and each other - we still need to acknowledge that, despite these barriers, we are part of a larger community.  Our community, like most, is a dynamic and complex place.  To be at our best we need to lean on, and be leaned on, during difficult times.  I appreciate that we have each other and want you to know as we approach this Thanksgiving holiday that our school remains central to our community and is a place where we come together daily through our students, families, and our staff; we also gather through school-based activities, special events, and as a place to celebrate.  

I appreciate the opportunity that I have to witness all that is uplifting within our community and that we are sharing this difficult time together.  I am grateful for this opportunity.

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for reading.