December 2, 2023
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Academic Supports

There are many paths to learning; at Hartford High School we believe all students can succeed. 

Some students may have challenges to succeed and need additional support.  Three ways that Hartford High School supports struggling learners are Education Support Plans, 504 Plans, and Special Education Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).

Referral Process

When a student experiences difficulty meeting academic, behavioral or emotional expectations in the classroom, the teacher will work with the student to create intervention strategies to address the area(s) of concern. If improvement is not achieved, the teacher will communicate this observation to the student, parent, administrator and school counselor. This team will continue to work together to best support the student. If at some point it is determined that more support is needed for the student, the student will be referred to the EST team (through his/her school counselor).  The goal of the EST team/plan is to include the student in as much of the problem solving process as possible.

The school counselor will periodically assess the plan (on average about every 2-3 weeks) to determine the need for any revisions, continuation of the plan, or a phasing out of the plan. 

If a student is still having difficulty, and/or a disability is suspected, the EST may make a referral for a 504 or an IEP at this time.

What is an Education Support Plan?

An Educational Support Plan is designed for students who require additional assistance in order to succeed in the general education environment. Support could include prevention and  intervention strategies including instructional, behavioral interventions, and accommodations. When a student is struggling, the Education Support Team (EST) acts as a think tank to monitor, review, and revise a student’s programming to support him/her to be more successful. The EST team makes recommendations to the student’s team (student, his/her family and teachers) based on the data and information gathered.  The Educational Support Plan is reviewed on a regular basis and is monitored by the student’s school counselor.

What is a 504 Plan?

Section 504 is a federal civil rights law contained in the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; a 504 Plan is a legally binding document that is designed to provide accommodations and supports that ensure that a student with a qualifying disability has the opportunity to access his or her education. Students on 504 plans receive all of their education in a general education setting, and most plan accommodations are implemented by the general education teacher.  504 plans are reviewed and revised on an annual basis by the 504 case manager with the student, his/her family, and school team (school counselor, teachers). 

What is an IEP?

An Individual Education Plans (IEP) is a legally binding document designed for students with a documented disability that adversely affects their ability to learn and requires specialized instruction.  An IEP documents the student’s present level of functioning, sets annual goals for improvement, and provides appropriate modifications and accommodations as deemed appropriate to support each individual student to remediate his/her deficits. IEPs are reviewed and revised on an annual basis and students complete an eligibility process every three years.