January 19, 2022
School Nurse

Felicia Hayes, MSN, RN
School Nurse
Hartford High School
(802) 359-4623

Health Services

Any student, vaccinated or not, MUST STAY HOME if they experience ANY symptom(s) that could be related to COVID-19.  The current list of symptoms is as follows:

sore throat
muscle aches

runny/stuff nose

shortness of breath
new loss of taste or smell

Return criteria can be situation specific but, in general, if a student has any of these symptoms for longer than 24hrs one of the following will be needed in order for them to return to school:

  1. A negative PCR COVID test (the school nurse will need a copy of the result), improvement of symptoms and no fever for 24hrs prior to return.  OR
  2. If you contact their healthcare provider and they do not feel a COVID test is indicated, they may write a note clearing the student to return without one.  OR
  3. If not tested or cleared by a provider, they can return when it has been 10 days since their symptom(s) started as long as they are improving and are fever free for 24hrs prior to return.

For more information on COVID-19, please check out the links below:

Getting vaccinated, staying home when sick and practicing good hand hygiene are things people can do to prevent the spread of illness.


Well Child Exams

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends annual well child exams for all school aged children. Establishing care with a primary care provider and dentist for preventive screening and care is important to ensure that children receive all appropriate health services and that their full learning potential is not impacted by poor health. For more information please check out the Bright Futures website: https://brightfutures.aap.org/Pages/default.aspx 


Written verification of immunizations from a health care provider is required by Vermont law.  All students must
have written verification of having received all immunizations required for public school attendance OR appropriate
documentation of exemption in their school health record.  Religious exemptions forms must be completed EACH
year. You can obtain this from the Health Office or print the form from the link on this page.

If your child receives a new immunization from your health provider, please send written documentation stating
dates and type of immunization received.  If verification of immunizations has not been received you will be

Medical Concerns
The goal of the School Health Office is to ensure that students’ healthcare needs are met. Communication between
the school, parents/guardians and community healthcare providers regarding medical/supportive needs is vital to the
success and safety of the students. Please encourage your health care providers to communicate pertinent
information regarding medical/support needs during the school day to the nurse.  

Please advise the school nurse if your child has a chronic health problem or a health condition that may create a need
for emergency or supportive care during the school day.  Some conditions the school nurse should be made aware of
are asthma, life threatening allergies, seizures and diabetes to name a few. It is important that you notify the school
nurse during the school year of any changes in your child’s health status.  

Students are not allowed to carry medications on their person with the exception of certain rescue medications
including inhalers and Epi-Pens as well as medication related to diabetes management.  If a student requires
medication to be administered during the school day, permission forms must be on file and the medication must be
received in the original pharmacy labeled container.

The School Health Office will have a supply of Acetaminophen (Tylenol), Ibuprofen (Advis) and antacid (TUMs) to
be administered at the discretion of the school nurse or his/her designee as needed for minor aches and pains as long
as permission is on file in the way of the signed Student Emergency Information Form.

Non-Prescription medications other than those listed above can be administered by the school nurse or his/her
designee as long as a signed permission form is on file and the medication is provided to the school in the original

All required forms are available in the School Health Office or on this webpage.


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Vermont Department of Health

Looking for a Heath Plan?  VERMONT HEALTH CONNECT can assist you online or call toll-free. A personal Health Navigator is also available to help you find the right health coverage for your family. Call 1- 855- 899- 9600 or visit them online at VermontHealthConnect.gov.

Vaccination Rates

The Vermont Department of Health collects vaccination coverage data from all Vermont public and independent schools. Vaccination coverage, or the percent of people who have received particular vaccines, is measured at national, state and local levels. The Immunization Program reviews data to assess vaccination coverage, identify populations at risk and measure the impact of current initiatives. - Vermont Department of Health

Hartford High School
Total Enrollment: 479
DTaP/Tdap Met:  99%
Polio Met:  99.2%
MMR Met:  98.8%
Hep B Met:  99.4%
Varicella Met:  99%
Fully Vaccinated:  98.3%