July 19, 2024
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The single most important thing we do each day.  Advisory is a place where the students and adults of HHS form trusting and respectful relationships with each other.  These relationships are what allow us to challenge our students when they need to be nudged along and they are what allow us to catch our students when they need a safe place to land.  Relationships are the foundation of everything we do and they, more than anything else, will foretell the levels of success we will experience as a school.  

These relationships are created all over the school but first and foremost in advisory.  Each advisor is expected to intentionally and explicitly develop relationships with their advisees that can be used throughout the school year.  At a minimum, advisors are expected to create a safe, inclusive environment with healthy awareness of all aspects of the students’ HHS ‘life’.  Advisors are expected to contact the students’ parents / guardians either by letter or phone call shortly after the start of the school year, if not before, in an effort to introduce themselves, their role, to share their contact information, and to invite a healthy partnership for the upcoming school year(s).  An advisory ‘agreement’ will be created early in the year that helps everyone know the expectations and the consequences.